We are so grateful to artists who have submitted to us without promise of payment, and without these individuals we could not have gotten started on this publication.  It has always been our goal to eventually pay our featured artists, because we believe their works are valuable.  Going forward, we would like to offer payment of $10 for each work we publish.  We’ve received many wonderful submissions for the next issue, and some of you will be hearing from us soon.  However, we need a little more time to implement our new plans, thus the next issue is being pushed back to June 1, 2016.  Please continue to submit at no cost to you, and look for the next issue June 1, 2016.

Featured Work


Jennifer, oil on cotton, Kelli Funkhouser

Thirteen Ways Volume II, Issue I features:

Poetry by Jennifer Clark, Richard Heby, Strider Marcus Jones, Corey Mesler, Al Ortolani, Kenneth Salzmann, and Andrea Wyatt; fiction by James Mulhern and Monika McGreal Viola; visual media by Gabriel Folli, Kelli Funkhouser, and Frank Light; and collaborative art by Willie Caldwell, Ryan McHugh, and Tanner Upthegrove.

We are currently accepting submissions for the April June issue. We continue to accept poetry, short stories, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, audio works, and visual media.  

Please refer to our Submissions page for further details.