We are so grateful to artists who have submitted to us without promise of payment, and without these individuals we could not have gotten started on this publication.  It has always been our goal to eventually pay our featured artists, because we believe their works are valuable.  Going forward, we would like to offer payment of $10 for each work we publish.  We’ve received many wonderful submissions for the next issue, and some of you will be hearing from us soon.

Featured Work

feathers 10

Lulled by the Simplicity of Light, Bill Wolak

Thirteen Ways Volume II, Issue II features:

Poetry by Eliza Callard, Lee Evans, William Ogden Haynes, Seth Jani, James Piatt, Ken Pobo, and Josette Torres ; fiction by Walter Balerno; and collage by Bill Wolak.

We are currently accepting submissions for the December issue. We continue to accept poetry, short stories, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, audio works, and visual media.  

Please refer to our Submissions page for further details.